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Friday, April 27, 2012

Giveaway, Review, General Update

Enteries are low for this giveaway. It's an awesome book. I am thinking about adding a list of other books you can get in exchange for this one. Check out the old post....no later than 10:30pm  Central for a list of books that will be available. Don't forget you can earn extra enteries with referrals, following facebook, as well as the blog. I have a review or 2 I hope to get up tonight....tomorrow at the latest. Also trying to find a good audiobook to listen to while I am working! I'm up for ideas!

I would like make it to 29 followers by the 22nd of May. I'll be 29 on May 22nd. I'll do another giveaway if we make it to 29! I'll post as soon as we hit 29. I won't be able to do much posting on my birthday as I'm taking my son to Tulsa for his 9th birthday (his is the 14th.....we're 8 days apart!). I don't know what all is going to be in the giveaway. Or maybe we'll do a few different ones. I have an extra code for digital (video) copy of Hugo that will be included. -- Ok, I better get back to working! :)

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