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Sunday, May 6, 2012

24 hour Giveaway for Kindle Readers

I thought I would do a 24 hour giveaway for my son who will be 9 next week! Can we get 3 more followers on the blog? :) I love my Kindle, and take it with me everywhere. With it I actually have room in my purse! I use to carry the 2 or 3 books with me wherever I went. Now I just have 1 book, my Kindle, my phone (audio), plus keep a audioCD in my car. Up for grabs is one of the following Kindle ebooks:

Leopard MoonThe BindingVerity (Cursed, #1)Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls, #1)Enchant MeThe Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1)A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends, #1)ImmortalChosen (The Seeker Saga, #1)Simmer (Midnight Fire, #2)

Just leave a comment below to enter. You must be following this blog to enter. The giveaway ends May 7th, 2012 at 7pm Central Standard time. If you are the winner and I am unable to reach you the prize goes to the next person in line. Good luck!


  1. I love my kindle too! It's like carrying my whole library in my whole purse it's awesome! I haven't read any of those books but the cover art on all of them looks awesome!

  2. You give people things for your birthday? You're my type of book nerd. I agree, the cover art for all of the books looks stellar. Is it bad that I judge books by their covers? Because I totally do. I can't tell you how many purchases have been made based on pretty covers. Mind you, not as many that have been made for vintage covers.
    Happy Birthday!

    1. I judge a book by it's cover. If it has a cool cover I will read it it!I know I won't be receiveing anything for my birthday so I thought I would give something away! I lost my birthday 9 years ago to my son. Ours are 8 days apart. This year I am taking him to Tulsa on MY birthday for HIS birthday! :D

    2. I don't have a way to contact you! Please e-mail me at JeniNicole83@gmail.com

  3. Since there were only 2 enteries......you BOTH win!

  4. Thank you Jennifer! :) Can't wait to read my book!