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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Giveaway Schedule

I am at my evening/night job, and the computer here will not let me do anything with rafflecopter. So here's what I have planned for May. As far as a May giveaway, we must have 29 people by the 22nd of May (I will be 29 years old on that day). Once we hit 29 the contest will stay upon until the last day of May. Winner will be picked on June 5th. I will try to get the giveaway posted tonight when I get home.

The most referrals: $5 Amazon/Paypal gc
Random drawing: Guardian by Gillian Joy ebook

Here is a list of others I have planned:

  • Litha (Summer Solstice - June 21)
  • Lammas (Aug 1)
  • Mabon (Sept 22)
  • Samhain (Oct 31)
  • Yule (Dec 21)
We will probably have some small ones in between but those are dates that we will definately have one! :)

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