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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Music From Beyond the Moon by Augusta Trobaugh

Music From Beyond The Moon

She became his soul mate and first love, but can he and she escape a destiny that was decided before they were born?

In 1920’s Florida, an abandoned baby boy grows up under a cloud of mystery, adopted by two strong southern women who try to protect him from his family’s secrets and heartaches. But even their best intentions and deepest devotion can’t hide the truth forever or soften the fate that faces both him and the girl he loves.

Augusta Trobaugh’s unforgettable novel speaks of loyalty, loss, the difficult choices we make in the name of family, and of courageous hope, each inspired by the fragile and painfully longing music of life, a song that seems to come from beyond the moon.

Hardcover, 266 pages
Published April 30th 2012 by Bell Bridge Books

**Taken from GoodReads**

Stars: 4/5

"God sends us here to love each other, and if we can do that, we are blessed. Even if we lose love. Even if we try to kill it, or it succeeds in killing us. Even if it laughs in our faces while it rips out our hearts and leaves us to bleed to death, we are blessed."

A riveting tale about an 18 month old boy that was left by his mother in the care of 2 women. They both care for him like he is their naturally born son. You read about what people will do for love for family and otherwise. The real meaning of family and love is shown in this book. I was captured from beginning to end with this novel.

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