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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Checkup

Did everyone have a fun, safe Halloween? I, unfortunately, had to work. I did leave work for about an hour to get some pictures.

My son decided to be a zombie. It didn't cost me anything this year. Last year I bought all the makeup and fake blood on clearance for $0.10-0.25 each. The shirt was one he didn't like.

This is Sasha, our American Pit Bull Terrier. Her wings I bought last year as well. I was suppose to be for *my* costume....but since I didn't know I could dress up at work, she wore them for me!

Not many houses in my neighborhood participated in handing out candy. Nothing like it was when I grew up (I lived 4 houses down from where I am now), or even like it was a few years ago!

Jesse did have fun. He was already asleep when I got home since it was a school night. He had his candy spread out all over the table. He doesn't like half of it. The snickers, milky ways, reeces...all the good stuff....is for my mom and I to share! He doesn't like them.

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