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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HTC One X Review

I decided to get a new phone. I was torn between a HTC One X and the Galaxy Note. It all came down to price. My eyes are really bad so I wanted a bigger screen. For the past 6 months I have been using a Sony Ericcson GamePlay.

 I have been using my One X for about a month now. I LOVE it. I paid $25 for it (refurbished, 2 year plan, plus an employee discount). It is a charcoal/dark grey.
Here is a bit of information about it:
4.7" HD LCD screen
1GB DDR2 (RAM), 16GB onboard storage
1.5GHz Dual Core
Beats Audio™
8MP main camera, 1080p HD Video with Stereo Sound
1.3MP front camera with 720p video
I love that I can take my videos and caputre still pictures with them. One issue I did worrry about is the memory. There is no way to use a microSD. The memory that it comes with is the memory that you get. So far I have had no problem downloading all my apps, taking pictures, and downloading music and still having plenty of room. Just in case, before I changed phones I downloaded the DropBox app, and moved all my pictures from my old phone. This allowed me to have the pictures on any phone.
I took this picture while it was dark enough that I couldn't see him. This allowed me to see what he looked like for Halloween (I worked so my mom done his makeup and he was already out in the neighborhood when I finally tracked him down!).
It also has the ability to transfer between phones by touching them together, but I have
I am in love with my 4G HTC One X. Have I mentioned that yet? 

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