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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Villalobos: Pit Pals

Villalobos Rescue Center is a rescue, rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls that is located in New Orleans. They offer a program called Pit Pals that allows you to sponser a pit of your choice.

I am a pit lover. I had a pit mix when I brough my son home from the hospital. When he would nap on the bed (I co-slept) Purdy Jo would be right up there with him napping. Now we have an older pit named Sasha who thinks she's a lap dog. I have posted her Halloween pictures a couple of time on here.

I have decided to participate in the Pit Pals program. By clicking HERE you can view some of the available dogs. In the comments below list the name of the one you think I should sponser! Whoever has the most votes will be the one I sponser.

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