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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bullying and Slap Dash Things

Have you or your child ever dealt with bullying? Whether it's emotional, physical, or mental....it can affect people to the point of suicide. It's not something that needs to be ignored. Many schools have a policy in place for bullying, but it is not always helpful. What do you do when the school won't help? Slap Dash Mom had problems getting her daughter's school to help. You can read her story HERE.

Janelle, 11 years old, from Slap Dash Things (daughter of Slap Dash Mom) is donating a $1 from each sale to anti-bullying organizations. Check out her Etsy shop! I love the earrings!

Lets do what we can to help STOP bullying. Our children (as well as ourselves) should NEVER have to go through it.

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