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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution: Weightloss

Each year many people make a New Years Resolution to lose weight. I know I have many times just for it not to last very long. How about a New Years Resolution to be healthier. That would be soooooo much easier than stating to lose weight. Much easier to do. I know I will TRY to get myself healthier. My weight and smoking are a big factor of my being so unhealthy. I drink lots of soda too.

Each day I will post something related to getting yourself healthier, or I will try to remember to!

Here are my current stats of my unhealthiness (including weight and measurements).

Soda - 5 cans per day
Smoking - 1 pack a day
Weight - 221.5 lbs
Waist - 45.5"
Hips - 47"
Thigh - 28"
Upper arm - 15.5"
Neck - 16.75"
Calf - 17.5"

One of my rewards for weightloss are 2 pairs of boots. I already own them, but cant get them over my calves! They measure 16" and 17". Hope to wear them by next fall!

What are your resolutions?

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