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Monday, March 25, 2013

Want to try free eyeliner?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Low Cost Birthday

My son's birthday is coming up in about 2 months, and I am looking to have a low-cost birthday for him. We usually don't have a birthday party. We take a trip to Tulsa since his birthday, Mother's Day, and my birthday are all within a week or 2 of each other. This year is going to be a bit different. With my trip next week to Los Angeles and Anaheim and then my trip at the end of May to NYC I am trying to figure out how to do his birthday this year. He will be 10 years old.

The birthday trip will be postponed until the end of June. I haven't decided were we will go. Maybe to Memphis. We went to the zoo on the way back from Alabama, but it was a very quick walk-through. Normally we spend at least 3-5 hours at a zoo. This time we spent MAYBE 2 hours. I will have to see what else is in Memphis to do with kids. It's a 5 hour drive so maybe I will take a pen and make a 5 hour circumference and see where he would want to go.

He will still receive his birthday present(s) on his birthday. To cover the costs of this I will use the Amazon credits I have received free this year. This should come out to around $60. He his really into Pokémon.

He isn't big on cakes, so I will just make one at home. I rather would have a cookie cake, but that is me!

If interested in earning free Amazon credits yourself check out the "Rewards" tab. These are the various programs that I use. After his birthday I will save for our vacation in the fall and Christmas.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Upcoming Travel

I leave in 8 days to fly to Los Angeles. I'm going to see a friend of mine, and go to WonderCon in Anaheim. I'm nervous! The flying part doesn't bother me! Its the airport! haha....yeah, that's pretty bad, huh? I have only flew a few times before. Well, 2 round trip flights total. One was a layover in Dallas, the other in Memphis. The layovers are what gets to me. My airport is small. Really small. I think the only direct flights you can get are to Dallas and Memphis. If you get there an hour early you will still be waiting a lil bit.  I get worried about missing my flight when it comes to layovers. First thing I do when I get to my layover destination is go on a hunt for where I will be boarding.

So this year I will have my Kindle and laptop as carry ons so I have something to occupy myself. I'm going to be a very tired woman on my flight to leave ad come back. Both at 6am flights out....the ONLY time I could get. And I'm not a morning person. I do not hear my phone ring, the alarm on my phone, or my alarm clock. Someone better be getting up to come wake me up! This is why I like my afternoon shift at work.

I am also a procrastinator. A friend of mine called last month and wanted me to go to Alabama with her. She called me at 12:30am and wanted to leave at 8am. I had time to get everything ready and pack before going to sleep, but did I? Nope, I packed after waking up at 7am. I ended up forgetting things, not getting a hotel room until I was halfway there. I think this time I will plan a bit better, but probably not much better.

I do know I don't want to mess with a carry on so I will pack everything into my bag and pay the fee. I want to carry as little as possible on board with me. That will be my purse and laptop. Last time I flew I didn't have a Kindle so I had books in my purse. It was heavy. This time I have all my books on the Kindle so I will have plenty to read and choose from.

Next week will be a lot of firsts for me. I have never been to California, nor to WonderCon. I was lucky that a good friend of mine lives in North Hollywood so I won't have to pay for a room. She doesn't know that I'm coming. Her husband does though, and we are going to surprise her. I can't wait! I haven't seen her in a year, when they decided to move back to California to be closer to family.

I will be posting lots of pictures from WC, and from Cali. I'm only going with $200 (after baggage fee and a 2 day car rental to drive to Anaheim) so I will have to spend wisely.

Any travel tips? Or tips for Cali?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

50 States Song

When I was in elementary school our music teacher taught a song to learn the 50 states in alphabetical order. I still remember it to this day and will catch myself singing it when I need to go through the list of states.

This would be great use in homeschooling. I do plan to incorporate into our US Studies. It's a fun, catchy, and quick song. Did you learn any songs in elementary school that are still with you today?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In-School Suspension

Yesterday I had parent-teacher conference at my son's school. His grades are up, but not as much as I would like them to be.

The teacher, Mrs. M, told me that my son has, J,  been getting in trouble for saying in appropriate things. When talking to J he told me that what he had said had been taken out of context. He has went to the principle the other day, but the school failed to inform me of it before the parent-teacher conference. With my work hours I usually only see J for about 30-45 minutes before school. I mostly work 3-11pm putting me at work before he gets out of school and he is asleep when I get home.

Mrs. M told me that the next time he gets in trouble J will have to go to in-school suspension. I have no problems with him having to go to in-school suspension when it deems necessary. Talking in appropriately is a fine reason to go if you aren't going to stop. Then she started talking about how their in-school suspension works.....similar to my SDC in high school. They have to sit in a classroom all day, and even eat their lunch in their. No recess. That is all fine with me. Sounds fair. Then Mrs. M proceeded to tell me that they teach the kids at a lower level. WTF.

Now, how are you going to teach my son at a lower level? I am NOT happy with that and they will NOT put my son in in-school suspension. So Monday morning I am going to go file my intent to homeschool. I won't worry about much learning for rest of the school year. We will concentrate on reading and math. The other subjects can wait until we start our "fall" semester. Reading is something we will do year round.....math we do quiet often. When we are in the car going somewhere he loves to be asked math questions.

We homeschooled last year, and it works great with my work schedule. I will get to see my son a lot more as he won't have to go to bed so early. We can take trips when I have time off. Last year it was great. We would take a trip to Tulsa in the middle of the week, the zoo and aquarium wouldn't be crowded. I won't have to worry about J missing school when we go on vacation in September, a month into public school.

This isn't the first time I have had a problem with the school. We had an issue with bullying last semester. The school only has a teacher in the back watching the kids until the junior high gets out. Once they get out the teacher goes up front. I had problems with junior high kids as well as the older elementary kids.

I love that we will be ale to go at our own pace. We can concentrate on what he needs help with and breeze through what he already knows.

Who knows what this next year will hold for us and our homeschooling. It will be another adventure and it will be interesting to see what he is going to be interested in learning about!