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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Low Cost Birthday

My son's birthday is coming up in about 2 months, and I am looking to have a low-cost birthday for him. We usually don't have a birthday party. We take a trip to Tulsa since his birthday, Mother's Day, and my birthday are all within a week or 2 of each other. This year is going to be a bit different. With my trip next week to Los Angeles and Anaheim and then my trip at the end of May to NYC I am trying to figure out how to do his birthday this year. He will be 10 years old.

The birthday trip will be postponed until the end of June. I haven't decided were we will go. Maybe to Memphis. We went to the zoo on the way back from Alabama, but it was a very quick walk-through. Normally we spend at least 3-5 hours at a zoo. This time we spent MAYBE 2 hours. I will have to see what else is in Memphis to do with kids. It's a 5 hour drive so maybe I will take a pen and make a 5 hour circumference and see where he would want to go.

He will still receive his birthday present(s) on his birthday. To cover the costs of this I will use the Amazon credits I have received free this year. This should come out to around $60. He his really into Pokémon.

He isn't big on cakes, so I will just make one at home. I rather would have a cookie cake, but that is me!

If interested in earning free Amazon credits yourself check out the "Rewards" tab. These are the various programs that I use. After his birthday I will save for our vacation in the fall and Christmas.

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