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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do You Want Your Child to be Betrothed?

Well, of course not at such a young age, but when they are older? Check out the beautiful story "Why I Want My Children To Be Betrothed" from Blessed in Homemaking

I can understand the beauty of doing something like this, but at the same time it's not for everyone. It's not for me. I want to know more before I would marry someone. I want to know if we are sexually compatible. If living together will be comfortable. At this moment of my life I wouldn't share a house with a man, but we would have to live together for a bit before I would even think of marriage. 

I have noticed as I have gotten older that what I would want has changed a bit. For those of you who don't know me, I recently turned 30, I am a single homeschooling mother to a 10 year old. I have lots of family support that has made it possible for me to work just one job (a job I love even though it's not the best paying). My mother lives with me and it allows me to homeschool my son while working a night audit position. Right now I couldn't even imagine dating!

Now if I did date, I want someone who has their own place and a job. I will not let anyone else live in this house. I want to know he can take care of himself. I have dated 2 too many that wouldn't work. Someone that likes to go camping, can understand I'm not a bitch or stuck up I just don't talk around people I don't know. I'm not a social person, but love being around my friends. If I'm around people I don't know (outside of the hotel I work at), I am uncomfortable. My child comes first, always. I also do not want to have any more children, so preferably he should already have his own already or doesn't mind not having any of his own. - So....is that asking too much? :-D

With everything that is going on with life I just couldn't see dating right now. Maybe in a few years or 10. I also have no problems (right now anyhow) with being alone the rest of my life. I do know that if I was to ever get married, I really don't want a wedding. I don't want people looking at me while I'm trying to walk straight down an isle! Being the center of attention is not my idea of fun!

LoL I went off there rambling, huh? Back to the subject of children....

For my son I just want him to be happy with he is. I want him to be comfortable with the thought that he may meet his love of his life the first time, and will be with that person and that person only. He will also need to be comfortable with the thought that he may not find that person the first time. Any relationships he may have before finding love, he should realize that it was an opportunity to learn more about himself, relationships, and life. 

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