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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31 Days of Fun, 31 Days of Winners!

Tomorrow, August 1st, is the kickoff of Purex's "31 Days of Fun, 31 Days of Winners" sweepstakes. This sweepstakes is open to fans of Purex's Facebook page! Hurry up and go like them to get ready for the sweepstakes! One of the best things about this is there is a winner EVERY DAY!

Each days has some awesome prizes....check them out!

Tomorrow I will have more details up! Are you excited? I am!!! What 4 items would you want to win the most? I am having a hard time deciding. 

I know an extra laptop would be nice. That way my son has his own to do his homework on. I take mine with me to work so I can get ready for more days of work and then he can't do anything until I come home.

The outdoor weekend getaway would be a treat. I only had 1 day off work during the month of July, and now I have to wait until August 8th for a day off. That will put me at 25 days straight.

The Pet Lovers would be good for Sasha (pit bull) and Molly (bulldog). I think I would save that til Christmas tho!

I would also pick the digital camera package as one of my favs.  I love to take photos, but all I have is my phone. A friend of mine took some great pics of my son at the zoo a few years ago and the other day I ordered some canvases of those pics. Would love to add more. 

I can't wait to hear what everyone else would want to win!

Don't forget to stop back by for the details of the sweepstakes!

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